GemSpa FAQs

Is it safe?  Can I use my home dishwasher to clean and care for my jewelry?

The answer of course is YES!  Nevertheless, we understand it is a new idea for most people. The GemSpa has been tested and run over a million times in our lab and by our earliest customers. There have been no (meaning zero) incidents with damaged jewelry or lost stones.

The GemSpa and our anti-bacterial gel have been designed to be run with your dishes.  Making the GemSpa the world’s most convenient, easy to use, jewelry cleaner ever developed.

And to make sure everyone is super comfortable with using the GemSpa we have $1 million insurance policy protecting your jewelry every time you use your GemSpa.

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No. The GemSpa® is proven safe for over 90% of all fine jewelry.  There are a few items like pearls, opals and emeralds that are heat sensitive and should be washed by hand.  The majority of fine jewelry is professionally cleaned using steam, hot water and a cleaning solvent.  (See Professional Cleaning Video Above) The dishwasher uses the same elements, only at a lower water pressure and runs for a longer period of time, giving you the same professional results at home. 

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