About GemSpa by kathy ireland

GemSpa by kathy ireland is the brain child of independent business owner and jewelry designer David Bellman. Having built one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the US, NH-based Bellman would see, nearly every day, one of his customers at the store or around town. He kept noticing a common trend - their jewelry was almost always dull and dirty.

He was perplexed. People spent so much money on their jewelry and imbued it with such emotional importance, symbolizing and memorializing the important events and/or people in their lives. But they did not care for it; they let it get filthy. Further lab testing showed, that the jewelry filth included dangerously high levels of bacteria and other potential harmful germs/viruses.

David partnered with Kathy Ireland (model turned business mogul) to bring his vision to life by developing a simple to use home jewelry cleaning system that harnesses the cleaning power of your home dishwasher. 

An Important Message from Kathy Ireland