Your jewelry touches everything you touch and works as a storage unit for bacteria and viruses/germs! GemSpa is the only jewelry cleaner that sanitizes your jewelry.


Takes 3 minutes of your time! Easily harness the cleaning power of your dishwasher to sanitize your jewelry and make it look amazing again.


Jewelry doesn’t get old, it gets dirty and loses its sparkle. Get professional jewelry store results in the comfort of your home.

Sonic Cleaners Cannot Compare

The leading competitor product simply doesn’t work. It lacks all the cleaning elements needed to remove the dirt, filth and yes bacteria/germs/viruses that build up to levels considered potential dangerous in only 1 week’s time.

A Life Time of Clean and Healthy Jewelry

The home dishwasher has the same cleaning elements the professionals use: heat/steam and water pressure. Along with the GemSpa’s Anti-Bacterial Hydrogel, these cleaning elements sanitize your jewelry. It is truly The World's Best Jewelry Cleaner!

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Web MD Top 10 Surfaces for Covid

Did you know that Covid-19 can live on Jewelry for 5 days or more?  Jewelry is rated at the top of this WebMD list. (Sources CDC & FDA)

Your Jewelry May Be the Cause of Your Unexplained Sickness and Allergies

"Daily wear jewelry may contain nearly 428 times more bacteria and fungi than a dirty toilet seat."


“I have always wanted the PERFECT CLEANER to make my beautiful diamond even more beautiful."

– Ellen from Boston, MA

“This is a great product! I leave it under my sink, right next to my dish detergent. Almost every time I run the dishwasher."

– Maureen from Salem, NH

"I was initially a little frightened to put my expensive jewelry in with my dishes, but that went away after the first use."

– Heather from Nashua, NH

"I like that I can clean all of my jewelry at the same time, I just run my dishwasher at night and wake up to perfectly clean jewelry."

– Margaret from Glendale, CA