The World’s Only!! Home Jewelry Cleaner that Actually Sanitizes!!!

  • If your jewelry hasn’t been professionally cleaned in the last 10 days, your jewelry has bacteria levels 3 to 5 times greater than a public toilet seat.
  • GemSpa is the world’s only in home jewelry cleaner and sanitizer that removes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.
  • Due to the ongoing Pandemic, we’ve sold millions of units and we expect to run out of our holiday inventory soon. Don’t wait, get yours today.

Friends don’t let friends wear dirty jewelry!

Everyone who owns jewelry needs at least 1 kathy ireland® GemSpa in their home. The GemSpa makes a great gift for all your friends and family. It is THE gift for so many people on your list! Or simply buy it as a gift for yourself, because you deserve it too! 

Looking good helps you feel good! And we all could use a little feel good right now! With the kathy ireland® GemSpa, you can rest comfortably knowing that your jewelry is virus and bacteria free while it also looks as amazing as the day you bought it. It is a gift of serenity. It is a gift of beauty.

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Watch: The GemSpa in Action.

It is SO EASY to use!

Even though most of us are very diligent about keeping our hands clean by washing more frequently and using hand-sanitizers, this does little to help reduce the level of bacteria and viruses on jewelry.

In fact, the water and soap actually builds up as a bio-film on the jewelry, creating a breeding ground for continued growth and spread of bacteria and viruses.

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Why choose The GemSpa

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Your jewelry touches everything you touch and works as a storage unit for bacteria and viruses/germs! GemSpa removes 99.9% of bacteria!

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Takes 3 minutes of your time! Easily harness the cleaning power of your dishwasher to sanitize your jewelry and make it look amazing again.

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Jewelry doesn’t get old, it gets dirty and loses its sparkle. Get professional jewelry store results in the comfort of your home.