Introducing GemSpa by kathy ireland®:
The Only Home Jewelry Cleaning and Sanitizing System that removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

GOOD FOR: Health and Wellness, Beauty and Personal Care, Home Cleaning Devices, Kitchen wares, and Jewelry Accessories

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Marketing - Brand Awareness Plan

We will be investing in a brand awareness campaign via video centric delivery modalities including digital, television and OTT with a 6-figure marketing spend. Additionally, we will make available resources to aid sell through including POS materials, self serve training videos for staff and QBR technology that allows customers to easily access product video on their smart device in store.

GemSpa Specifications  
Surgical Grade Stainless SteelYES
Heat Resistant PolymersYES
Kills 99.9% of BacteriaYES
Anti-Bacterial Gel IncludedYES
5 Year WarrantyYES

As the US prepares to face a resurgence (or second wave) of the virus, consumers have become hyper aware of new personal hygiene standards and are now seeking new innovative solutions to meet the challenge.

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The GemSpa In Action

Even though most of us are very diligent about keeping our hands clean by washing more frequently and using hand-sanitizers, this does little to help reduce the level of bacteria and viruses on jewelry.

In fact, the water and soap actually builds up as a bio-film on the jewelry, creating a breeding ground for continued growth and spread of bacteria and viruses.

Why your customers will love the GemSpa

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Your jewelry touches everything you touch and works as a storage unit for bacteria and viruses/germs! GemSpa removes 99.9% of bacteria!

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Takes 3 minutes of your time! Easily harness the cleaning power of your dishwasher to sanitize your jewelry and make it look amazing again.

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Jewelry doesn’t get old, it gets dirty and loses its sparkle. Get professional jewelry store results in the comfort of your home.