How To Keep Your Jewelry Clear Of The Coronavirus

How To Keep Your Jewelry Clear Of The Coronavirus
By: Michele Elyzabeth | March 12, 2020

At a time when people are freaking out about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ... buying every mask, pair of gloves and hand sanitizer bottle in sight, there are quite a few grey areas that are never discussed, such as your car keys and disinfecting or your jewelry.

Uncleaned jewelry is clinically proven to contain three to five times more bacteria than what you find in public bathrooms. Fortunately for us Kathy Ireland brings us the GemSpa by Kathy Ireland - Easy Home Jewelry Cleaning System.

They are many devices on the market, but Sonic Cleaners lack all the cleaning elements needed to remove the dirt, filth and even bacteria/germs/viruses that build up to levels considered to be potentially dangerous in only one week's time.

GemSpa by Kathy Ireland utilizes a patented technology and manufacturing design to maximize cleaning efficiency. Made with surgical grade stainless steel, hi-grade polymer and no mechanical parts which ensures a lifetime of clean and sanitized jewelry.

Here are the four easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. Load your jewelry into your GemSpa and close the lock.
  2. Add a thin line of Hydrogel into the curved channel on the top.
  3. Place on top rack of the dishwasher and set full cycle.
  4. Remove jewelry from the gemSpa and wear and voila!