I am loved - Jewelry Story

I am loved - Jewelry Story

My birthdate is truly an unknown, very much like many of my fellows since the time after 1898.  World War I had a way of erasing such things and only leaving tangible items, like me, behind. How I remained with this lady during World War II is a mystery. It was a way of life to trade treasures to buy food or gas or a place to sleep for a night.  And yet, I remained.

I am special.

I am, an emerald cut amethyst ring, with delicate filigree, tiny rose gold flowers and thin, fragile yellow gold band.  I am, by all who see me, an antique now. I came in a green spring-loaded box that caused my usually reserved owner to gasp when it was presented.  I have an elegant royal plum velvet sleeve to rest gracefully and quietly within.   I don’t feel my age, as in my head, I am as young and beautiful as the day I was made.  I was a present; a present that was saved for and planned for and given with devotion.

I was worn every day by my dear lady.  She worked her farm and made food for her family and did all the chores that a lady in post-World War II would do to survive. She didn’t start a day without me and every night she tucked me safely back into my velvet home. 

I was treasured.

Now, nearly 120 years later, I live with a new lady.  This lady loves me because she is the third generation to tuck me safely into my velvet comfort each night.  She loves me because she knows I hold her history. While holding all the love and history by the ladies that have owned me, I am tired.

And I am dirty. 

My new lady wants to protect my brilliance.  She wants to be sure that every filigreed curlicue and flower is ready for its next step, the next generation.  She wants to be sure I’m cleaned from the past and ready for the future.  She is devoted to me because I am part of her past and yet part of her future.

Maybe someday I will live on the delicate finger of a great-great-great grandson’s fiancé. Maybe I will be bestowed upon the cherished great-great-great-great granddaughter of my original lady. Only kismet will lead me forward through this family of ladies, but I know, that as long as they love me, I will be cleaned and polished.

I am loved.